Pain Control Management and Rehabilitation Therapy in one powerful, easy to use device.




  1. Dual channel: individually isolated circuits.
  2. Type: Constant Current.
  3. Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current.
  4. Low Battery Indicator: If the batteries go below 3.4 Volts the battery symbol will flash on/off every second.
  5. If the batteries’ voltage is below 3.3 Volts the unit will not turn on.
  6. Open Electrode Detect: If an open circuit is detected at the output of Channel 1 or 2 the output current will reset at zero.
  7. Physical dimensions: 108 x 62 x 26 mm without clip. 8. Weight: 0.09 kg. without battery, 0.1 kg. with battery.
  8. Environmental conditions for storage and transport: -25 to +70 degrees Celsius (-13 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit), 0-90% Humidity.


  1. Amplitude: 0 – 80mA, indication only.
  2. Selectable pulse width: 50 – 300μS.
  3. Pulse Rate selection: in the continuous mode 2 – 200Hz.
  4. Modes: HAN 1, HAN 2, HAN 3, Continuous (CON), Burst (BST), Sweep (SWP) and Modulated (MOD).
  5. Burst mode: Bursts of 9 pulses 150Hz at 200μS, repeating twice every second.
  6. Modulation mode: 6-second cycle of concurrent width modulation and pulse repetition rate modulation. Width starting at 200μS and decreasing exponentially to 100μS in three seconds and then returning to 200μS in the next three seconds.
  7. Time duration of all programs selectable at 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes and “C” for Continuous.


  1. Amplitude: 0 – 90mA, indication only.
  2. Selectable pulse width: 50 – 450μS.
  3. Pulse Rate selection: in the continuous mode 2 – 100Hz.
  4. Modes: Special Pulse Modulation (SPM) and Custom NMS (CUS).
  5. Time duration of the custom programs selectable 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes and Continuous. Ramp up time 0.3 to 9.9 seconds.


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