Ryan Wallace: Help An Inspirational Man Get A New Leg

Meet Ryan Wallace

Ryan WallaceRyan is, foremost and above all, a mentor to the youth of South Lake Tahoe. He is a former champion wrestler who has taken his love for the sport and his passion for helping others, and turned it into a dream job.

Ryan is a wrestling coach at South Lake Tahoe High School.  If you were to ask any of the kids he coaches however, they would say he is much more than a coach. He is an inspiration and motivation force to the young people he coaches. He plays a large part in the lives of his wrestlers. He teaches his team hard work, strength, integrity, compassion, and respect. He is there for them when they need advice, and there for them when they need direction. His passion for motivating and inspiring his team is apparent thought the deep respect and admiration these kids show for their coach.

Ryan’s Leg

There is something different about Ryan Wallace. You would never know it unless you met him. He never mentions how difficult life has become for him. He works to help others, and rarely focuses on his own trials and tribulations.

Ryan courageously competed in wresting tournaments throughout his youth with an undiagnosed form of bone disease. Even under a great deal of pain and strife, Ryan performed exceptionally well and progressed to prestigious levels of wresting competition.

However, as the condition of his leg began to deteriorate further, the Wallace family sought help from a local doctor. He would later be diagnosed with an extremely rare form of bone disease. He made the difficult decision to have his leg amputated, in the hopes that we could still participate in the sport he loved.

ryan2He was given a prosthetic leg to help him get around and engage in the daily activities we all take for granted. His current prosthetic leg worked well for a while, but has become such a burden that it is unusable. The amount of pain caused by the old prosthetic has recently bound him to a wheel chair.

Ryan has been put on medical leave from coaching due to the issues with his prosthetic. His immobility has affected so much more than his own life. The problems with his current prosthetic have reached out to affect all the kids he coaches.

His team will be the first to tell you, Ryan is what drives them and what inspires them to work hard – not just on the mat, but in life. The absence of his presence has been a larger detriment to the team and kids than anyone could have anticipated.

How You Can Help


Ryan has spent the better part of his life giving and caring for other people. He never asks for anything in return and is just happy to be able to help others. It is high time that he gets something back. We are committed to raising enough funds to get Ryan the leg he deserves so he can get back to inspiring kids and doing what he loves. Getting Ryan a new leg will not only improve his quality of life, it will bring back joy to the entire community that he has given so much to.

We are trying to raise $25,000 in order to get Ryan the leg that he deserves. If you would like to help Ryan and the South Lake Tahoe Wresting Team, please visit our fundraising page here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/an-inspiring-man-needs-a-new-leg/127200

And spread the word!