Hospital Services

Anchor O & P has working relationships with many area hospitals including Mercy San Juan, Mercy General, Mercy Folsom, Sutter General, Sutter Memorial, Sutter Roseville, Sutter Auburn Faith, Methodist, and Kaiser Permanente.

We provide emergency trauma care, post-op orthopedic surgery stabilization, post-amputation, and fracture management. With a reputation for unmatched service, quick response, and availability 24/7, we are here to meet your patient needs.

A unique service we offer is coordinated follow-up care. In conjunction with a case manager, discharge planner and Doctor, we follow-up with the patient at our office, transitional care centers, SNIF, or the patients’ home. All patients are evaluated and treated by certified professionals. We educate every patient on the use and care of every product they receive from us.

Our practitioners follow hospital protocols for ER’s, ICU’s, and trauma wards concerning documentation, charting, HIPPA privacy, and credentialing. Whether you need a simple wrist sprint, a custom TLSO body jacket, or an emergency Halo, our professionals will have you covered.

Skilled Nursing Facilities/ Care Homes

We service nursing and care homes throughout the Sacramento, Roseville, and Auburn region and work with a variety of health care professionals. We pride ourselves on our prompt service and dedicated staff that go the extra mile to provide all our patients with the highest level of care.


Our friendly office staff pre-authorizes insurance benefits and completes all paperwork necessary for third party billing, including worker’s compensation, private insurance, V.A., Medicare, and Medi-Cal.