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What Is The ToeOFF® Brace?

ToeOFF® is a new generation AFO that is used to help correct mild to severe foot drop accompanied with mild to moderate ankle instability. The ToeOFF® is designed to absorb energy at heel strike. The force is then returned, restoring the energy which promotes a more normal and dynamic gait

Using the ToeOFF® can provide many benefits including:

  • The ability to walk further
  • Light-weight
  • Greater comfort
  • Less gait impairment
  • Can be used in conventional shoes
  • It’s easy to put on and take off

Why Does Anchor O&P Recomment It?

What Can It Do?

ToeOFF® is an advanced and very easy to use rehabilitation orthosis that can

  • Fit into your shoe like an insole
  • Stabilize the ankle and foot
  • Absorbs heel strike forces
  • Provides a more natural and dynamic gait
  • Allow you to live the active life you want

With the ToeOFF® brace, people like Beth Deloria can do just about anything they want. Beth Deloria has competed in 48 half-marathons in 24 months. She races with the ToeOFF® brace to encourage the hundreds of thousands of people with foot drop to reclaim their lives.

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