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Living With Limb Loss

Living with limb loss and what amputees can expect during the first six months post-surgery.

How to Use & Maintain Your Prosthetic Liners

Your prosthetic liner is a very important part of your prosthesis, not only can it affect comfort it can affect functionality as well.

Prosthetic Wearing Schedules

Prosthetic wearing schedules and how to care for your limb that utilizes the prothesis.

Get Involved, Stay Involved

As one of the nation’s oldest and most respected veterans service organization, please join us in keeping our promise to America’s veterans as DAV empowers veterans to live high-quality lives with respect and dignity.

On June 14, Nate Carroll will start his quest to break the 31-year-standing push-up world record while raising money for the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Fallen First Responder Home Program.

WWP offers a wide range of opportunities to host a fundraiser or simply participate in one. Whether you’re looking to spend time or money helping those who’ve served us, you can find a way to get involved.

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