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At Anchor O&P it is important that we do things right.

This includes treating your amputation with a comfortable well-fitting prosthesis custom designed to help you reach your goals. Working with your MD to obtain the documentation for maximum insurance coverage and verifying this coverage before treatment and standing behind what we do.

Anchor Specializes in Prosthetics

Our Prosthetic care is second to none. We provide complete care from new amputee education to long-term maintenance repair and follow-up. Our highly trained and experienced Prosthetists address each individual’s needs with a commitment to obtaining the highest level of satisfaction, comfort, and mobility.

Prostheses (artificial limbs) are custom-made high-tech devices used to replace an absent or deficient body part. These devices are designed to enhance the lives of the individuals who wear them. We strive to approach each individual skillfully and compassionately and to help our patients achieve their physical goals.

We offer a variety of services ranging from geriatric, pediatric, to sports and computer controlled micro-processor prosthetics.

Prosthetic Care

Our prosthetic care features a comprehensive program to guide the new amputee patient through the process of limb loss while providing a plan for coordinated patient rehabilitation. We work closely with your medical team to provide education, peer support, rehabilitation training, custom prosthesis, and follow up care.

When To Call

New Amputee – Gain access to education and peer motivation, as well as information for your family.

Existing Amputee – Contact us if you are experiencing pain or depression, or if you need to replace an ill-fitting prosthetic device.

Any Amputee – If you haven’t had a check-up in the last six months or just have a few questions to ask, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our attentive staff.

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