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Patient Care

Anchor O&P works closely with patient to ensure they are receiving the coordinated care needed for successful outcomes. Our practitioners go the extra mile to provide top quality products in a timely manner. We know that we are not just providing an artificial limb — we are changing a life.

Patient Testimonials

Satisfaction Survey

We ask our patients to provide us with feedback on our work. We do this so that we can serve our patients as best as possible.
Here is what they had to say!

In your own words, how would you rate your experience here at Anchor Orthotics and Prosthetics?

• 10 = Good awesome work

• People here are nice, pleasant, and well trained. My feet feel great and I walk more than I used to! Thank you, Anchor.

• We think you guys are great and appreciate everything you have done for ua. You all have been a blessing to us.

• My experience has been good at anchor.

• You guys work pretty fast and are very helpful! I enjoy coming here!

• Fantastic, wonderful, and marvelous!

• Good and friendly.

• XXX excellent.

• Awesome! I really love the way business was handled with caring and professionalism!

• Extremely helpful and generous.

• Thank you for making it go smoothly.

• Very pleasant and professional.

Medical Professionals

Our Prosthetic Rehabilitation Program is endorsed as the best of its kind in the Sacramento region by Orthopedic Surgeons Paul Sasaura and Hunter Greene of Summit Orthopedic.

“Anchor’s patients make faster recoveries and are better equipped to handle the transition after surgery.” – Dr. Hunter Greene

Local Orthopedic Surgeon Paul Gregory recommends our services to his patients because we have an excellent track record of top-notch patient care.

“Anchor O&P understands what it takes for individuals to adapt to life as an amputee, and they really go the extra mile for my patients. – Dr. Paul Gregory

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